Monday, 27 April 2009

Antique Market at Piazzola sul Brenta [Veneto-Italy]

{Week-end}: While over here in the UK we had a beautiful week-end of sunshine, I was a bit disappointed to find out that over in Italy the week-end was a bit rainy... well it wasn't too long before the clouds reached us over here as well - in fact today we started off the week on a rather rainy and cloudy Monday and it seems like is not going to change any time soon!!
Don't worry - I did not mean to give you a weather report [so boring!!] but rather giving you an introduction to this Monday post, as it seems we nearly missed out twice on the last of the Antique Market series from Walter, reporting from Italy. Last month he couldn't attend the unmissable Piazzola Antique Market due to weather conditions and it was nearly replica this week-end, if he didn't decided to go early in the morning [before it started raining] to take some pictures ... for mine [and hope yours] joy !!
As you might know by now, my friend Walter in Italy has a real passion for antiques and vintage finds. His monthly calendar of treasure hunting starts every month with the first Sunday at the local mercatino of Marostica, followed by every second Sunday of the month at the Antique Market of Asolo. On the third Sunday is the time of S. Zenone degli Ezzelini and last of Piazzola sul Brenta.
His schedule is a rather enjoyable monthly appointments of local antique markets on the most historical piazzas across the Veneto region [Northern Italy], not only he starts his day with a nice cappuccino and brioche at the locals 'Caffe' Centrale', he also get to know a lot of the exhibitors at the markets [always useful if you are looking for a discount!] and sometimes he manages to secure himself a good deal and take home desirable antiques and other vintage finds.
And of course I can't wait to join him the next time I'll be in Italy.... shame the enamel coffee pots [last two photos] might be gone by then!!

Piazzola sul Brenta: Antiques and Collectibles in the city of noble family Contarini.
In the stunning scenery of the impressive Villa Contarini, the antique market 'Cose di altri tempi di Piazzola' is held every last Sunday of the month. With over 1200 exhibitors among antique dealers, at Piazzola antique market there is plenty to choose from, antique furniture, paintings, statues, ceramics, glass ornaments, militaria and other interesting collectibles and antiques. Established in 1979, the antique market is well known in Italy and in Europe, the third biggest in Italy.

Photos courtesy of Walter Marin


Christine Chitnis said...

This is the most incredible post...I am so jealous! I think I could have bought something at every booth pictured here. What an amazing flea market. Why oh why don't we have anything that good in the States? Next time you go, can I give you a long shopping list?!?!

Anonymous said...

Your note is great mandarine! it'a real pleasure to give my contribution on this amazing place on the net!! Well i'm nearly sure that next time we will goes in piazzola you will still find those coffee pots! I became friends of the two vendors, they bough lot's of staff from France! There's is one of my favorite vendors in all the market!! Unfortunatly the price are not effordable some times!! You will find them i'n nealrly sure!! Love
W. the Antiques Lovers


Hello from Canada. This market: It's an island of treasure. An island I'd love to get left on.

Natalie Ryan said...

A lovely post - I wouldn't know which jug to purchase from the last photo - they all look pretty gorgeous. And the same goes for the tea cups...Thanks for the great market tip!

Maria said...

I'm stunned! Picture after picture full of the loveliest of things! I think this market will be my new dream vacation spot :)!

Your blog is very inspiring.

Tracy Lorna Nors said...

Woah! thanks for showing that! I'm now in button heaven!

Maide said...

Oh...what a wondrful flea-market
at this amazing place.
Want jumb in this pics right now...
to see all the great antique treasuries...want, want, want !!!

Realy great pictures and very inspiring.

Lovely regards

Doris said...

Hello! Unfortunately I missed the market in Piazzola sul Brenta this weekend, because of Problems with the Car. So I have to go in December. But..! The last Sunday would be the 27th of December, and maybe because of christmas holidays, holy-celebration or something it's not.(??) Please, does anyone know when the next/last market in 2009 takes place (in Piazzola..) ?

Treviso Tourism said...

The ancient clocks kept my attention, I would love to have one of those.

hotel Treviso Italy said...

What an amazing market! You can find there a lot of amazing things!

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