Thursday 23 June 2011

Modern living–The SHARD–

{City life}: The first time I saw the tower of cement sticking out  I didn’t make much of it…day after day, morning after morning I have seen it taking shape, a long elongated glass pyramid in the heart of London… my naivety on the matter is quite obvious since it is one of the most talked about project of recent times, and of course nothing the less being a Renzo Piano’s project it acquires even more relevance. Shaping  London skyline ,   a 72  floors  building, the SHARD, is located besides London Bridge Station.  Part of a plan of the Mayor of London to implement  high – density development at key transport nodes, a mix of living – office  and public spaces over 305 meters of height….


Images from SHARD

Sunday 12 June 2011

…these days…

{long overdue}: gone the times of good warm weather in early May, gone the times of good food and sweet dolce far niente, well…long time since being back….. here…. and I blame it on…..

Blame it on the rain…
Blame it on the stars…
Whatever you do don't put the blame on you….

{by Milli Vanilli from ‘Blame it on the rain’}

025 (540x405)

If I only had to buy one of these beautiful umbrellas, wouldn’t be nice now to have one?

024 (405x540)  026 (405x540)

On these raining days … nothing but rain …

027 (540x405)

I am back to paint your life with some colour, some   beauty and fun !!! missing you all, K xxx

Monday 2 May 2011

Venice off the beaten track…

{back doors}: Venice, my favourite city, never stops to surprise me … is well known, every time is never the same, every time is a discovery. To capture the essence of this amazing city you have to appreciate it at different times,seasons and moods, you won’t regret it, it will evoke different emotions at each time ….

Venezia 019Venezia 009Venezia 097Venezia 082

This time I’ve opted for a non-touristic trip, off the main attractions, hidden calle and campi along the many canals and ponti…

Venezia 182Venezia 196Venezia 100 

I’ve enjoyed the sightseeing, under the guide of a local resident…

Venezia 145Venezia 061Venezia 072

Many the details of the picturesque city with lively inhabitants that never miss the occasion to greet each other on the overcrowded vaporetti….

Venezia 270

Unusual … means of transport

Venezia 157Venezia 158Venezia 166Venezia 168

The art and the skills of local artisans  never go unnoticed…characteristic of Murano, glass blowing is an art of very few…. nowadays

Venezia 179

I am taking a bit of Venice home…

Photography: Walter M. for Mandarine d’Italie

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Hats at the Royal W.

{coming up}: one can only guess the variety of hats that will be on show at the Royal Wedding on Friday…. {me}: from the ruralness of Italy I dream of summer hats with colourful flowers….. of exotic  Copacabana style straw hats …..


of The sound of an harp played inside  the private Chapel echoing  around and  of wisteria

grapes everywhere : printed on textiles, as jewellery, inside vases and baskets…

IMG_2212IMG_2216 IMG_2220IMG_2219



… more hats for the ‘rural at heart’


….of Clouds of fabric and  candle holders dressing  tables….. whilst the wine is served outside …


……a Fairy tale ….that becomes reality….


 Festive adornment, simple….but  yet refined…  


…and finally something to take home …. real and Royal  for once….



- The End -


Photography: Me for Mandarine d’ Italie  from Il Castello di Strassoldo – ‘In Primavera: Fiori, Acque e Castelli’.

Saturday 23 April 2011

Ancient walls

{Castle}:  il Castello di Strassoldo was dressed up for the occasion last week-end…. The  Castle in all its majesty was showing off its beauty and history thanks to its owners that have proudly  opened their doors for the 14th edition of ‘In Primavera: Fiori, Acque e Castelli’.


The bell tower ‘campanile’ holds two  bells. On the day  coming from the campanile, the melody of ‘Ave Maria’ of Schubert played by two talented campanari  who played the two bells manually.


Olive tree branches to sign that Easter it’s on its way….



Photography Copyright: Me for Mandarine d’Italie

Thursday 21 April 2011


(Home):  swapping skies for a little while…


the London skyline got me tired and so the routine ….  so I have come to Italy 


Thursday 14 April 2011

H I G H fashion SS2011

{Garden}: I love H I G H  fashion brand since I first saw it few years ago in a fashion magazine, it’s contemporary, casual and original. This season for the designer and modern couturier Claire Campbell  it’s all about the garden….


Photography: copyright