Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Acqua alta in Venice Vs snow in London?

{Not Encouraging }: some rather unusual weather forecast one would say…. Since I have left Italy, the Veneto region  has seen some serious  floods,  leaving Venice under water, unavoidably… as a contrast here in London there are talks about snow falls in the week…

I am now slowly  climatising and settling back in UK life although I have been back for just over three weeks now it almost feels like ages to me. The thing is that I have been so busy  organising my life and getting ready for the surgery that almost everything in recent times has gone unnoticed , perhaps in the process I have also avoided to face some issues that I have been dragging along  for a while. So at my return I had to face the music and not only, also to recuperate my energy and make some important lifestyle changes which I am slowly implementing, finger crossed! 

I have not forgotten you and I am so excited about being back posting, I have plenty of amazing images of beautiful places I have been with my friend Walter in Italy. Will follow soon!!

Acqua Alta a Venessia 021Acqua Alta a Venessia 020Acqua Alta a Venessia 028Acqua Alta a Venessia 010Acqua Alta a Venessia 044Acqua Alta a Venessia 046Acqua Alta a Venessia 030Acqua Alta a Venessia 048Acqua Alta a Venessia 005Acqua Alta a Venessia 029

Photography: Walter for Mandarine d’ Italie

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Anonymous said...

Keeping finger cross for your changement, and enjoyng those nice pics of Venice with Acqua Alta ... sembre bea Venessia fia mia! W. the Antiques Lovers P.s. Snow may will came here too over the week end!!