Thursday, 25 November 2010

A trip down 17th century charm

{Treat}: Having started with a warm cup of coffee,  the day had so much more in  reserve…The chilly wind outside anticipated   the cold weather to come, as forecasted, whereas the disrupted bus journey to Trafalgar Square offered the opportunity to  walk before heading into the warmth of the Gallery.


Peyton and Byrne at the National Cafe had plenty on offer and the quick meal provided the energy for what was ahead, with much joy and anticipation, the Canaletto and his rival Exhibition at the National Gallery.


Opening with Canaletto’s (Giovanni Antonio Canal)  earliest paintings from the 1720s and presenting his work in roughly chronological order, the exhibition is displayed over six rooms, each room examines the artist’s relationship with one of the major view painters ( Venetian vedute).

After spending a quite enjoyable few hours at the Gallery ,   Fortnum & Mason was to be the next treat of the day. Walking through the Foodhall almost makes you step back in times, the beautifully displayed merchandise provides plenty of inviting delicacies to choose from. The vicinity to Christmas means that one can make some extraordinary purchases and that’s what I did I treated myself to a bottle of Vintage champagne to drink over Christmas.   


It wasn’t just by chance that this year  Fortnum & Mason has created its celebrated Christmas windows in partnership with the National Gallery. This incredibly exciting partnership has focused on Fortnum’s interpretation of some of the masterpieces housed at The National Gallery. Winter scenes, still lives, and views of Venice are represented…photos to follow …



Anonymous said...

Wow what a nice exibithions!!! I know, we know somebody how will love to see it... don't say other wise more Cristi wanna came up in London over Christmas... Rains here today!! Have a nice week end!
W. the Antiques Lovers

Anna said...

Ben Tornata! Spero tu stia bene, abbiamo troppo bisogno dei tuoi posti creativi dalla bella Londra!
Un abbraccio tutto italiano


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