Saturday, 20 March 2010

Things I like

{Saturday}: Dilemma is the right word… the week is gone very quickly and besides a couple of upsetting hiccups, little sleep and a confused head, it is about to conclude with a rather rainy week-end…The premeditated plan of spending a nice Friday evening in company of nothing but magazines has failed and so Saturday morning is starting with a nice English breakfast  and coffee, later followed by biscotti and lemon green tea, then come the magazine and some jazz music in the background… whilst outside it keeps on raining no stop.

boho chic 3boho chic 1

I suddenly remember that last night I bought a nice rose plant on my way home (which – I thought would have made my evening). I carefully take it out of the bag and place it by the kitchen window…. I am happy now, it looks so romantic and pretty - the intense pink  brightens up the dark light of the day ….

boho chic 4boho chic 2

What a difference they make – roses, they transform a display, they smell lovely and add a feminine touch to a room, wish I could place roses everywhere today, wish I could spot them outside in gardens and parks… 

boho chic 7boho chic 6 

My blue mood is coming and  going, life is full of contrast - I think. I am the impersonation of contrasting and extreme feeling   myself

boho 11 boho 8boho 10

Whilst outside it still raining, I am staying indoor doing things I like… 

boho12boho 5

Leafing through magazines, checking your blogs;  drinking green tea  and making gifts that will be taken abroad..

boho 12boho 7 

The rose plant fits brilliantly with the rest of the plants, I am happy.. 

boho 9boho6 

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Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Hi Mandarine D'Italie, you write beautifully and what beautiful images you share. Hope you have a delightful rest of the weekend, Rebecca x

Fleur de Boheme said...

What a nice post full of beautiful pictures... thank you for sharing!

nadia said...

so lovely it hurts!

AMIT said...

Nice list you have.

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Patty said...

This photo collection is awesome! It's so true about roses, even just a single rose can really brighten things up :)

la grille et le lierre said...

I just love your blog, it's so nice,have a nice day !

La grille et le lierre said...

I'm "la grille et le lierre" but référencé :

Your blog is fantastic !!! Clémentine

Anonymous said...

Thanks God it's Friday Mandarine!! It's a wet friday here back home, but keep the finger cross will be goods over the week ends, nicely engough to spend some times ouside doing littel spring project and for a nice "junking hunting" in Piazzola!! Have a nice week end
w. the Antiques Lovers