Monday, 15 March 2010

A glimpse of Veneto

{Monday}: While I slowly settle back in hectic London, I sometimes try to remember the shape of the mountains that surround the Pedementona del Grappa - as my  memory starts to fade away and leave space to daily busy schedule.

Facing North the Alps and facing South Venice, that on clear days  can be spotted  from a distance … 


My Monday morning kicks off with a nice cappuccino, a sip and quick steps to the next bus stop on a mission to catch it on time. Nothing but plenty of people rushing all over, it’s a buzz, it’s chaos, it’s difficult not to bump into people…. i like it - but i know already in few days time I will hate it… 


The sky is clear and luckily sunny spells are keeping me awake… 


I hope the day will be over soon, I am  a bit moody and sleepy but a  busy day is ahead…


As the day unfold a quick look at the comment on my latest post and a smile appear on my face, I am happy abut the nice comments and the new friendsThank you


Not being able to find my camera’s battery charger before leaving  has  prevented me from documenting my days in Italy  - even the snow!!


Never mind, those special sunrise and sundown,  nice sightseeing and views  are already captured   in my heart.


Photography Copyright: Andrea Foschi


Anonymous said...


How tempting to visit Veneto again. Your beautiful picks take me back to wonderful trips in the area - and ottimo food. I can understand you hate/love Ldn and yearn for Italian grounds. Stupendo! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

AMIT said...

Beautiful pics taken.

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Wonderful views! For sure, these are great places to visit!