Monday, 15 March 2010

Mercante in Fiera – Parma {Italy}

{In Italy}:During my stay in Italy I had the opportunity to go to Mercante in Fiera in Parma, one of the most important European Antique Fair.

This prestigious Antique Fair is held in Parma twice a year, in Autumn and at the beginning of Spring. With over a thousand of exhibitors, mostly from Italy and other countries across Europe, the Fair attracts over 60 thousand visitors. Many the objects that can be found at the Fair: ceramics, collectables, paintings, precious and semi-precious jewellery, carpets, textiles and furniture that range from the Fifties throughout the Seventies.

Luckily for us -  on the day my friend Walter had the camera with him  and was able to take few pictures before  a lady starting screaming at him…

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Theresa und Eva-Maria said...

Ohh, I just love these pictures! And to think that you took them in Italy, in Parma and it is so easy to share the event with you … I always think this is really great. Your blog is a real inspiration!!!

Charlotta Ward said...

I love that chest of drawers - the one with the flowers sticking out.. It is amazing and could move in with me any day!

Your blog is divine - I hope you know. I recently did a formal introduction of it over at my blog. I hope you gain a lot of new readers from it.

Have a lovely week.


Princesseneige said...

I love everything! Unfortunately, I'm so far from this place!...

AMIT said...

Wow you visited italy?Lovely place.

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