Saturday, 27 March 2010


{Meteo}: More rain will characterised our week-end over here in the UK  and whilst I am not too bothered about it, I will be happy just to be able  to go out for a short walk without getting back soaking wet, like  yesterday evening….


The thing that upset me the most is that as soon as I decided to come back  it stopped


and then today I thought I leave it -  and it didn’t rain…. 


I hate forecast - wouldn’t be nice if we had to just take the day as it comes… Weather  forecast and daily  horoscope: before a  a new  day has even started  previsions/forecast  have already  been made.


Today my Horoscope says: It's a weekend to do yourself a favour and think about what you can do to make sure you use the power of three in your chart to meet, greet and tweet. The Sun, Mercury and Venus suggest a little schmoozing gets results.


I am sorry but I don’t tweet under any circumstances  – simply it doesn’t interest me and  as for the meet and greet I don’t do schmooze for the purpose of self- promotion.


Photography by stylist  Lorraine Dawkins – take a look at her website and enjoy it!

Instead I am hoping for a relaxing week-end with no much of a programme, trying to enjoy and make the best of it and I wish the same to all of you, possibly with some colours!


Ingrid in Umbria said...


That's the idea... just to enjoy. No particular "programme". Just be, eyes and senses open... and enjoy. Rain or no rain. But we tend to forget this gift. Thanks for making us reflect, stop and stay. Enjoy you cocooning weekend, cara! Bacione, Ingrid

Anonymous said...

Im sorry for you Mandarine about your weather days... that's London you know?!!! Here back home a beautifull week end! Sun and warm temperature finally! Perfect for spend time outside in the garden and following some project!! now back to work, it's monday!
W. the Antiques Lovers

Ann Marie said...

love the idea of taking each day as it comes. i also hate shmoozing...which is probably why i've been unemployed for 3 years!!