Monday, 29 March 2010

Off stage dramas …

Call me old or boring but never like in recent time I have enjoyed coming home straight after work. For many years I was used to work at The Coliseum and it was also  there  where I use to socialise and interact with my colleagues / friends. If I had a bad day at University or  (few years later) at work,  I would go inside the Auditorium and watch part of the evening performance, which will help me to  clear my mind and find some sort of  relief from my daily dramas. 


After all some the Opera stories would have been be much more tragic than my troubles or concerns. The problem is, however that most of the time I felt that the pain or sorrow express on stage was lived by me personally, drama was something I could easily impersonate…


Opera is an ostentation of a story that most of the time involves love, hate and power and although some Opera’s dramatic storyline are not longer appealing to our days, I love the passion involved in it , because it shows something is that is worth fighting for - to the extreme.


Although some of my  Dramas have not change much throughout the years as it seems like the story it’s repeating itself – in other fronts things have changed a bit and I have learnt  to be in peace  with myself (easier said than done) and to accept some people’s attitude  and not let it effect me  - although it still makes angry sometimes….. and no more Opera evening for me, I  have got other dramas going on, for example now I have to go because the laundry is waiting on me …


first steps

how shall i go into the unknown?
that i take the first step is all i ask
now, the future's bleak and i feel alone.
how shall i proceed if i am not shown?
that i will never shirk from the task
now, my aim's unclear but the seeds are sown.
how shall i forget that powerful tone?
that i am no longer weakened by it is all i ask
now, i move away from fragility and the bird has flown.

 Claudia Fitzgerald


Photography: CRAIG FORDHAM (Sarah Kaye Representation)

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Charlotta Ward said...

Yes the dramas of life can be music to my ears or a screaming hell..
Opera in all its old fashioned glory is soothing for the soul - whether performing it to oneself in the shower or sitting back in awe at the theater.

I loved this post.