Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Handmade wallpaper by Deborah Bowness

{Unique Decor}:  Bookshelf, chairs and lampshades are just some  of the many choices available. Photography  is hand/ digitally printed on wallpaper panels and the result is just stunning, a collection of a  contemporary and sophisticated looking wallpaper by designer Deborah Bowness.  - Reinventing your rooms is never been easier!

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Anonymous said...

That's really something of new!!
W. the Antiques Lovers

sinnlighet said...

yes yes yes, I love this post!!

agneta, the swedish one ;)

Anna said...

super posts!!! ti capisco anche qui in Olanda la primavera sembra non arrivare, freddo ed acqua non aiutano!
Su' con l'umore, tu hai Liberty ed Anthropologie!!!Mecca per creative come noi.
Buona Pasqua!

Charlotta Ward said...

These are great. Have seen some before but you introduced me to some new ones.

I love your blog. Your posts are fab and I was hoping you'd pick up the award I gave you a little while ago. You may have missed it?