Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Villa Giona – Verona {Italy}

{Discovery}:An unexpected visit yesterday morning at work, just an exchange of few words and it become  clear that Paolo can make everybody feel at ease, no pretending, just a  highly communicative individual with high  interpersonal skills. His enthusiastic attitude is backed by a  great passion for what he does. During the course of  our conversation we talked  a bit of politics, current affair  and of course Italy…

Then he mentioned the Villa and his eyes  starting to shine,  no mention about his hard work and dedication, he prefers to  focus on his ambitions and great visions for this amazing business venture.

imageimage image
It is only after he leaves that I have the opportunity to take a quick look at the website…


I am pleasantly surprised by the stunning images of the 16th Century Villa located in the vicinity of Lake Garda. Since 2000 Villa Giona has opened his door to guests and has become an Hotel and a Wedding Venue.


The entire complex of the Villa, including its frescoes indoors and its valuable library, is made even more fascinating by the Romantic style Park, which for its vastness and environmental beauty, makes it unique among Veronese villas.


Since 2003 a coordinating service for the planning of  weddings has been set up at Villa Giona (www.villagionaweddings.com).




Villa Giona wants to be just that: a great residence, with the desire for culture, art, noble country landscape and centuries of experience in the eno-gastronomical field: the universal desire for Bonum vivre.



Ingrid in Umbria said...


Gulp! What a residence! Solo in Italia! Make sure your friend invites you. A pity I cannot marry - again. Perhaps for romantic nozze d'oro. Can't wait... Great post! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

arabelle said...

Très belles photos!

Anonymous said...

Unique place! really like Ingrid said...only in Italy!
W. the antique lovers

Anonymous said...

Yes we really are lucky to live and work in such a place.
Anyone looking to marry here just give us a call.
We will look after you with great love and care.

Contact Marion and Paolo at info@villagionaweddings.com