Friday, 19 February 2010

Casa Lucia – Panzano in Chianti

{Rooms with views}: Owner Janine Loohuis has a special eye for details. Fashion and textile designer, Holland born Janine is also a pottery maker and decorator. Her home and bed&breakfast is located in Panzano - halfway between Florence and Siena, right in the heart of Chianti, in Tuscany. A Medieval centro storico, Panzano hosts a Sunday Market  and  a monthly one (the first Sunday of every  month) in which   Arts & Crafts, Antiques and local food produce are sold.

In the  romantic garden,  antique roses, olive trees and ancient vineyards.


Casa Lucia:

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In the house some lovely details, some that she has made herself, like the iron lamp.



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Photography:Brando Cimarosti


Her atelier, just few minutes away from her house, is located in the Medieval piazza of Panzano.

The Atelier:

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Photography: From


I am so impresses with her work and amazing house, it has made my day - just plenty of inspiration and beauty to look at …


Ann Marie said...

i am swooning! these are worth many a long sigh.

nadia said...

so beautiful oh my!

Anonymous said...


The kind of quaint Tuscan ambiente I simply adore. Again, you pick such original settings for your blog. Thanks for sharing! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

pendant lighting said...

That is such a lovely home

Anonymous said...

What a beautifull plance in the dreamy Tuscany Mandarine!! Gorgeus and relaxing... thinking about a brake there!! Too busy at work unfortunatly...been at Baccin for coffe yesterday! See you soon!
W. the antiques lovers

AnnaVallance said...

Planing a trip to Italy in the fall - will have to make a note of this place in my travel guide. Thank you.

nadia said...

wow incredibly beautiful!

Melina said...

I am willing to trade lives with this lucky woman! She has created a dream house!

Charlotta Ward said...

I love that kitchen in the top series. How divine to spend a weekend cooking for good friends there..!


janine said...

Dear all.
I am Janine Loohuis and I own this house. You can actually come and stay at my beautiful house !!!
For more information please check the website
or send an email to

Warm regards from the rolling hills of Chianti !!!


P.S You are very welcome !!

Anonymous said...

e molto bello
mi piacce


zip de zoup said...

Que c'est beau chez vous ! Tout me plaît !

Anonymous said...

Tutto molto bello peccato che io non sia stato minimamente interpellato per lo sfruttamento delle immagini!

Brando Cimarosti Photographer

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Janine!
Your house is full of harmony and beauty.

Ana Paula
from Brazil