Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tea, cakes and time…

{Happening}: a very nice card came through in the week …the envelope had a note :

Please open on the 09/02!! 


Inside the card, written, some  very good rhymes… encouraging words and a very good thought,which  I am very grateful for –   inspiring and  thoughtful! 


A year has gone by and I am very grateful – to you all - because without you my dream would have not  come through. At the beginning of last year I had several things in mind, lots of ideas and dreams of a lifetime, one of them finding a space of my own to express my creativity’, dedicating more time to my passions….


and as usual with me, I was not too convinced that it would have worked and along the way I self-doubt myself many times….


Photography: www.sussiebell.com

…but a year has gone by already and I can tell you I have enjoyed every moment of it, I have had the opportunities to meet (not always in person) people that I feel I have something in common with. All along you have provided me with inspiration and motivation to continue -  on my venture

Tea or coffee ?For you my friends? Let’s celebrate and enjoy  my one year old blog – before you know it another year will be gone again….hope by then few more things will become reality, I am working hard on it.


Anonymous said...

Tea for me Mandarine as it's so english!! Congratulations again for the year pass and for the more inspirations and things to do in the year to come... I'm sure there is more to came for you!!
W. the Antiques lovers

Temps perdu said...

And, tea please.
Thank you. It has been a pleasure to read your blog, you are an inspiration.

Freshly Found said...

Well done on your anniversary! Coffee will do it for me!

Anna said...

Mandarine d'Italie
ti ho scoperto per caso, che bello vedere un blog curato da un' italiana e cosi creativo!!!!
Come te vivo all'estero e mi occupo di design.
Questi sono i miei spazi virtuali, vieni a trovarmi.


Charlotta Ward said...

Happy anniversary!
Here's a tea (for England) and a good coffee (for Italia) toast to you and Mandarine - one of my favourite blogs!

Veramente bellissima. Grazie!