Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Window – departures … Elle Deco

{Awakenings}: Rather busy morning… the kitchen window is falling into pieces, the wooden has become rotten and needs replacing….shame that the new double glazing window hasn’t got the same charm of the old sash window – regretfully! Whilst the little kitchen has become a building site, I am literally counting the minutes and I desperately hope to be able to make it to the airport… somebody is leaving, not me – regretfully! I promised her that we would have been able to make it to the airport on time …. I am extremely bad with time – you should know! She will be returning to her own country, Ecuador,  after a long siesta around the world!

On this messy morning,  the latest February Elle Decoration is providing a bit of distraction and inspiration – a glance:

e tanov 1

Erica Tanov’s  love for Vintage and old finds is widely  reflected on her romantic style of her current clothing collection and in her Californian home she shares with her musician husband.

e tanov 3e tanov 9e tanov9 

‘I get a lot of inspiration from the past; I’m always finding pieces in markets with details that I rework for my own design’

e tanov 10 e tanov 2

New or vintage?

Always vintage.

e tanov 4

Describe your home in three words.

Relaxed, light and comfortable.

e tanov 5 e tanov6

How do you relax?

I like to pore over interiors magazines. {from the Elle Decoration interview}

e tanov 8 Photography: Copyright Deborah Jaffe via her blog.


Ann Marie said...

these photos are so great. love them!

Anonymous said...

Run Mandarine Run! you will get to the airport on time!!! Wish a good fly to the one how is leaving, and hope you will get a new window, you are right, new double glazing are not so nice like the old one!! Have a Nice day, from a frosty Veneto! W. the Antiques Lovers

Emma said...

I love it! Thank you.

Nina said...

Thanks for posting my images! I'm glad you liked the story!
Best wishes,

Deborah Jaffe