Monday, 9 February 2009

Welcome to Mandarine d' Italie

Hope you will enjoy MANDARINE D'ITALIE for days to come...!!! I am just starting to get used to the idea of sharing some of my and others thoughts, ideas, photos, decor tips; and many other inspirational lifestyle finds.
I suppose the idea of beginning blogging has been spinning around my head for a while but I never thought that the day will have never come!!!

{UN PENSIERO ...} ' Le ore si susseguono ma non si rassomigliano'.
{A THOUGHT......} ' Times follow one another but they don't look alike'.
{TIME }: Time seems to be flying..... the last time I was in Italy I took this picture at my family home. These two timeless pieces belongs to my grandparents and were 'rescued' during an excursion(!!!) to my grandparents attic. I am always been fascinated by the amount of discoveries I made throughout the years - as a child I will spend entire Sundays afternoon in the attic looking through this fascinating objects full of history.

{ANTIQUES}: The "SVEGLIA ANNI QUARANTA" [40's CLOCK] is still working, although my parents prefer not to charge it due to the noisy sound of its mechanism. I can't believe people were used to bare that 'TIC -TOC' throughout their sleep!! Without mentioning the alarm sound which will make you jump out of bed in few seconds!!! The "MACININO ANNI CINQUANTA" [50's COFFEE GRINDER] was used to grind coffee beans to make home-made MOKA coffee.

{BEI TEMPI}: As a daily ritual, every morning the alarm will go off and many CAFFETTIERE will be filled with freshly ground coffee.... few minutes later, followed by a familiar bubbling noise, the aroma will spread around the kitchen. A routine that many of us still follow nowadays!!

The iconic coffee maker -Moka Express- was invented in 1933 by Renato Bialetti and since then Bialetti has expanded their range and have introduced more contemporary version of the iconic moka.


Picture courtesy of Elisabeth Bjone

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