Monday, 25 January 2010

Some updates…

{Debate}: Remember few days ago when I  I told you about my interior project and that I wasn’t too sure about the  colour and style  of the lounge area…. well after long consideration and hours of looking around – I have finally come to a decision:

image  image





image   image

….still looking for a rug though! In the past few weeks I  have been having the time of my life, leaving work and heading to shop scouting, thinking, carrying fabric swatches around and having dinner at Selfridges ….Yeah I think I could do with doing this as a full time job!!  - I wish…..

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sinnlighet said...

Hi there, thanks for your comment on my blog. I just have to tell you that your blog is absolutely fantastic and it gives such a crisp and exclusive feeling!

Greetings from the cold cold cold Sweden & Agneta