Wednesday, 27 January 2010


{Off}: Wednesday is normally a day off work, a day dedicated to inspiration and some home work. Today I am forced to stay indoor and in bed as I am not well, after a long and sleepless night I have managed to get some sleep in the morning and I have promise myself to  take the rest of the day and of the week - easily. No more running around and restless mood. Up in my head thought, I have palette of colours spinning around, a craving for brand new outfit and lots  ideas for some new projects…..

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Anonymous said...

Hope you will feel better soon Mandarine! Here it's freazing! but those are the " i giorni della Merla" so its usual!! Have a nice sleep and lot's of inspirations! W. the Antique Lovers

moa said...

so beautiful photos!
have a lovely weekend

hugs from moa

Charlotta Ward said...

I am a 'grey-oholic' - so thanks for the beautiful images.

Hope you had a relaxing weekend after your working week.