Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Something different – holiday in a lighthouse

{Alternative}:Wouldn’t be nice for a change to stay in this unique building instead of sleeping over by a traditional hotel or B&B? I think so, immerse in the nature, only  160 km away from Manhattan, this  old lighthouse has  undergone some structural  work before being converted into a Bed & breakfast. The Saugerties Lighthouse is 140 years old and can be reached via the half mile nature trail at the end of Lighthouse Drive in the village of Saugerties, New York. The interiors recreate the bygone style of the early 20th century, with its vintage kitchen and the old style bedrooms.

Funny, I have previously featured the vintage style kitchen on a previous post, without knowing that it belongs to this characteristic building.

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Photos credit: Toni Meneguzzo


Anonymous said...

You are awfully productive. Was just about to comment on the Portugese tiles... and all of a sudden... the lighthouse. Gulp! Love the setting, the stove (!)- well the whole chabang! Thanks for the post on the tiles as well. Must look out for your up-dates... Bacione, Ingrid

Anonymous said...

What a nice idea for a place to stay during a holyday!! I would love to try a Lighthouse too sometimes! should i change my previus booking for NY??
Love W. the Antique Lovers!
P.s. Having a coffee and talks tonight with the Floyds!

briannelee said...

This building is beautiful! It would definitely make a great vacation away from it all.

Gaia said...

I love light house!
last year on my trip I've visited and seen a lot of lighthouses, they have "quel non so che di misterioso e fantastico"

Clarity said...

I always feel that after certain mileage in travel years, one must search out the special, the unusual. This is such a place. Thank you.


Hi! Thanks so much for visiting me at my blog! It's so nice that we've found each other like this. :)

I lived in NY for years and I've never heard of this place! But isn't that always the way? It looks amazing - such an interesting piece of American history. Look at that stove! It would definitely make a great weekend getaway.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

thank you! i can actually go here!!!

Tracy Lorna Nors said...

O'h, I love it! Would love to go there. How unusual, and that little stove, so lovely.

shilvia said...

such beautiful space!!!