Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Azulejos from Portugal

Azulejos were not only use as decor elements but also had a more specific function of temperature controlling. The tiles were first introduced in Portugal in the fifteenth century , via Spain, by the Moors, who had learned the craft from the Persians. The Arab influence is evident on the design of these tiles that can be found inside and outside churches palaces, ordinary houses and even train stations or subway stations across Portugal.

Clever eh?! And of course beautiful, every country has its own way to deal with heat, here in the UK hot temperatures are quite unusual and matter of headline on the news…that’s what I am watching right now, although I can’t keep my eyes away from this beautiful art….

quinta_dos_azulejos1 dettaglio_del_decoro giardino_chiuso palacio_dos_marqueses_da_fronteira quinta_de_piedade quinta_dos_azulejos

Credits: John Ferro Sims

Images from: The Gardens of Portugal,
by Helena Attlee,
Frances Lincoln Limited.

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Clarity said...

Just gorgeous. I can't get over how everyone is either baking or complaining about baking :) too funny.

I love the practical and beautiful marriage of this. Gorgeous photographs.