Friday, 5 June 2009

Moroccan Tea

Here’s a hint
Concerning mint.
It’s very brief:
Just pick a leaf
From the backyard,
And wash if marred;

Leaf, bag, in mug,
Boil the jug,
Pour in and stir,
Oust the former.
It’s easy, see -
Moroccan tea...

Well, ‘tis roughly.

(C) David Franks


corine said...

Mint tea is one of the joys of my summers. A whole lot of sugar, small painted glass, balmy temperature... hmmm...

Clarity said...

I adore this post. I just blogged about my recent trip there and miss it... so much.

jen laceda said...

I just LOVE those Moroccan tea sets! It might be because we just got back from Marrakech and I fell in love with the place!!!

Freshly Found said...

Love the poet-tea!