Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Art Theraphy

{in London}: the week-end went by quite and unglamorously, characterised by a lot of TV watching and warm coffees. Yesterday unexpectedly turned out to be a pleasant day, a day full of inspiration, constructive exchanges and [why not] a bit of therapy. No, I didn't splash out on the credit card buying expensive and unnecessary goods for the sake of some retail therapy, instead I stepped into an art gallery in South London .
Intrigued by a colourful painting displayed in the window, I took the pledge [always follow your instinct] and stepped into this cosy and welcoming art gallery, GX Gallery.
Welcomed by warm and friendly staff I was then taken around the gallery where I was shown their current exhibitions, Time Out of Mind by Ed Gray including a private view of Stefano Paolicchi new work : SPELLS.


Giant Flowers

I was shown several paintings on their downstairs floor, almost exclusively.

The Spell

Bath In A Flower Lake

{Later}: on my way home I had a thought about the day, not only I felt recharged and positive, but my emotions and feelings were now flowing. With me I have taken home some press release and the philosophy of owner and director Davide Mengoli, who believes that art should be something to celebrate and enjoy.

Something I want to share with you are these words by Stefano Paolicchi - this is how he describes his new work:


"I tought of this title because my new work is inspired by fairy tales, in particular Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of OZ. In both of these stories the main characters undertake journeys in fantasy worlds. Within these spellbound places the absurd reign supreme, the impossible becomes possible and dreams can become reality. These are worlds far removed form that of our own.
My work tries to be both, metaphor and confrontation to the reality in which we live, challenging our everyday problems. By feeding off the unreal, I try, not to avoid reality but to give hope and optimism because as long as we can think and dream freely, we can look at the colours of flowers and live in harmony with nature. I have great respect for the fact that man is always able to overcome problems and crises".

Stefano Paolicchi

Private View: Friday 12 June 7:30 pm
Exhibition continues: 13-25 June 2009

GX gallery
43 Denmark Hill
London SE5 8SR

Alice In The Wonderful garden

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Days of therapy like that are just the best!