Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Art Theraphy {Interiors}

{Something different}: This week I am going with the flow... 'Art should be something to enjoy and celebrate'.
When I first saw these images I thought that the owner of this house would be someone rather eccentric, and I wasn't completely wrong. Argentinian artist Joaquín Molina's work reflect the search of an own symbology through previously apprehended symbols. He says that 'painting helps to liberate him from his obsessions' and that 'an artist should be able to do a bit of everything from cooking to play the piano'.
His esoteric art is seen around the house , like the French antiques (something that Molina has a passion for) and other decor objects all characterised by a Neoclassical taste.
The house named Amaltea, like the foster-mother of Zeus often represented as a goat which is also the symbol of his sign star, the Capricorn, is located within an Uruguayan natural resort - Laguna del Sauce.

credits: Virginia Del Giudice - Ag. Blob for Marie Claire {ITALIA}


Gaia said...

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Giles Cook At Whispering Lazuli said...

What fantastic photos.
Nice to see people unafraid of colour!