Thursday, 11 June 2009

Art Theraphy [Photography]

This week I am pushing boundaries... I know... I am going out of my comfort zone... into the unusual, the unknown. After all isn't art perhaps teaching us that, to keep an open mind, to appreciate it for what it has to communicate, to express.
So, it is the case of this photography by Carlo Gianferro with portraits from 'Gypsy Interiors' which has won several prizes including the Grand Prix Fotofestiwal Selection 2009, and the Prix Exhange Boutographie 2008, France.

Copyright: Carlo Gianferro
'Gypsy Interiors is a collection of portraits capturing people wanting to demonstrate it has found and built a place to live and the future in our society without losing gypsy values.
These are unprecedented portraits of a long underground and secretive society suddenly and mysteriously willing to surface and make an extravagant ritual announcement to the outside world of their material achievement and affluence'


briannelee said...

I love all the bright colors!

Fleur de Boheme said...

LOVE these pictures!!! Gorgeous.

Gaia said...

I love the colors!
Formentera...not only a getaway...can I say is a state of mind?
Ciao come stai?
com'è il tempo a Londra?
Un abbraccio

corine said...

Dear.. this is so fabulous.. I' m speechless.

mag duru said...

wow, thanks for sharing culture and colours. its lovely.