Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Linen Crafts [books]

{Linen}: On Sunday I went for a walk with no intention to buy anything [..so I thought!] and by chance I entered a nice little shop where I saw Linen Crafts: 40 Projects for Home & Bodyand of course couldn't resist it ... and bought it. Since yesterday I can't take my eyes off this book filled with amazing linen crafts projects and can't wait to get hold of my mum sewing machine (well.. that's in Italy!!) to try a few.
These bracelets though, don't require the use of sewing machine and don't look to difficult to make (?!) Shall we give it a try?! They'll make great accessories for our summer outfits!

Macrame' Bracelets

For each bracelet:
  • 60 in. of linen string, about 1 mm thick
  • 60 in. of colored nylon string, about 1mm thick
  • several large glass seed beads, the same colour as the string
  • (the holes must be large enough for the thread and string to pass through)
  • 1 wood plank, about 6 in.x6. in.
  • 1 nail
  • hammer
  • strong glue

  • Hammer the nail into the middle of the board; this will act as an anchor when making the bracelets.
  • Use one piece each of the linen string and the nylon string for each bracelet, swapping them each time to create different effects.
  • Always begin by folding one of the pieces in two around the nail and knotting the second piece around the first to form a loop (see figure 1).
  • Make the bracelets using the diagrams for macrame'. Choose flat knots or square knots (see figure 2 and 3). You can also use both types of knots in one bracelet.
  • While weaving, slide the beads onto the string between two knots at various intervals - every two knots, for example. You can also string together three or four beads at one time before making another knot.
  • To complete the bracelets, make several knots one on top of the other to form a sort of ball; push this ball through the loop at the other end to close the bracelet. To make sure that the knot holds, place a drop of glue on it.

Images taken from Linen Crafts - 40 Projects for Home & Body


Anonymous said...

Wow! something new to get you involved with your creativity and fabulous touch!! Buon Lavoro!!
W. the Antiques Lovers

Freshly Found said...

What a wonderful book. It just calls for you to get involved! Looking forward to seeing the outcome!

Couldn't be... said...

Beautiful book - my daughter makes bracelets like those; I have quite a collecttion from the past (mother's day, B'day...) - I love your blog :)

Bonbon Oiseau said...

i wish i could make the ottoman..i...love it...