Monday, 20 April 2009

Natural fabrics [Teresa Green textiles]

{Natural fabrics}: Remember those days where everything was made out of natural fiber, fabrics that will soften and become more beautiful over the years, where synthetic materials were inexistent.
Made from the fibers of the flax plant, linen, of all textiles, is the oldest and its history goes back many thousands of years. To me linen reminds me of old times, its agricultural traditions as well as its noble and finest quality.
Textile artist Teresa Cole make great use of linen in her works, which range from aprons, tea towel, bed linens and bags. Inspired by vintage domestic artefact and everyday household objects, Teresa's hanprinted home accessories are " functional and will take on their own character with wear and tear".

Teresa named her textile business Teresa Green from 'Trees are green', her old family nickname.
Hanprinted cards and aprons.

Teresa at work in a loft space reached by an old orchard ladder in her workshop, a converted stable block.
[Images from Country Living May 2009]

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