Monday, 26 April 2010

{ITALY}: Sunday at Villa Contarini and the Mercatino dell’ Antiquariato in Piazzola sul Brenta

{Villas & not only}: Sunday at the Villa, one should say! The Villa is literally there overlooking the Piazza where many antique dealers gather every last Sunday of the month. This mercatino is one of my favourite and when the weather it’s nice (it looks like yesterday was definitively the case) it becomes like ‘unire l’utile al dilettevole’ or better you can scout around for those treasure and finds and still enjoy the beautiful setting.

[Villa Contarini is a patrician villa veneta in Piazzola sul Brenta, province of Padova, Northern Italy. The villa is in Baroque style and is backed by a 40 ha park with lakes and alleys. The central building was begun in 1546 under commission by the Venetian patricians Paolo and Francesco Contarini. Controversial is the attribution of the design to the famous architect Andrea Palladio. This first edifice was later enlarged in the late 17th century by Marco Contarini].

A perfect way of spending a relaxing Sunday, and yes if you fancy ladies here is the ideal spot: under the trees and just by the river…. there’s even the coffee waiting on you!

And then why not taking home one of these beautiful vintage radios, there is plenty of choice…

For the dining room or kitchen, all sizes available…

Now we are talking… this is just the perfect piece

And for that eclectic look a bit of mismatch!


and more here …

If country style is your cup of tea..

One of my favourite stalls…would love to buy everything here!

and finally ceramics for your tables…

The treasure hunt went well for some including myself although I was not there …thank you to my friend Walter and his eye for good bargain!

The photography is from Walter who was documenting for us in Italy, while I went down to the South Bank in London


Anonymous said...

You are so great posting notes for pics Mandarine!! You are right, it was a faboulous day Sunday, sunny and warm!! Have a nice week and thanks to you for you great friendship!! W. the Antiques lovers

FTRB said...

I would love to spend a weekend there! It looks like it is full of treasures. :)

Suze said...

I'm obsessed with mercatini and this looks fab, and the location too!

Thanks for stopping by at my blog, I'm a reader of Mandarine too! I'm Italian and my favorite place on Earth is probably London, so... I'd say we make a good match! :)

Ciao and keep in touch!

maría cecilia said...

Hola my darling!!!!! so nice to hear from you!!!! I just got mad about this antique fair, so many enamelware, so beautiful porcelain, so, so... I would get crazy strolling over there.
I was some time out of blogging due to the huge earthquake we had in Chile... things are being slowly reconstructed.
Muchos cariños,
Maria Cecilia

jamaica byles said...

Oh how dreamy....I would feel like I'd died and gone to heaven if I spent such a glorious Sunday.Just wow......

Chiara said...

bello il tuo reportage su Piazzola sul Brenta,anche io ne ho fatto uno,vieni a trovarmi, mi farà piacere!

Efisia said...

Ton blog est super je suis tombée par hasard chez toi car je cherchais des infos sur ce marche car je vais y exposer ce dimanche merci pour les infos a bientôt