Thursday, 6 August 2009


{Home}: familiar faces, familiar places, familiar objects and food at last! I’m home and it’s hot. Hot weather is nice but I am not longer used to it. I have become so used to unpredictable British weather, that I even forgot how hot it can get over here in Italy, especially in August.  I am staying indoor throughout the day, making things. We are making things (me and my mum), we chat and eat melon in the afternoon and cook grilled vegetables and spaghetti alla carbonara for lunch.

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There has been some lovely time spent with family and friends….


chatting about the past, family memories and

004     015014018017

facts, fashion and food….

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hiding in the shade

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One thing for sure never programme much in Italy during August (except for holiday), especially  internet connection….(WARNING) it may take forever!!!

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I am fully operational now and glad to be back on line/track!!! I have missed you all my friends!!!

More from Italy very soon!Bacioni!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely surprise this morning finding you back on the net after some trouble!!! Good to know that you are back! See you Saturday for coffee time! Have a nice days creating!!
W. the Antiques lovers

Monika said...

Amazing photos! I cannot wait for more!

Letícia Vaz Leal said...

Lovely photos again, .. here in Brasil is passing on TV a novel which they filmed in Toscana..I watch everyday just to see the landscape..wonderful !

Silène said...

Très joli, vraiment. J'aime beaucoup cette ambiance.