Thursday, 23 April 2009


{Sustainable}: I recently came across the new concept of Agrifuturismo which initially made me think of a spelling mistake, as we are all used to the word agriturismo. The word stands for : Agricoltura, Futuro e Turismo (Agriculture,Future and Tourism), a new concept which more describe a way of life , the choice to live in the country cultivating olive trees, the respect for the land to leave to future generations.
Federica Fusi had this vision when she first saw the ruined casa colonica (farm house) originally built in 1766, located between Firenze and Siena in the Tuscany region. The reconstruction work has been carried out in line with eco-friendly parameters, respecting the rural surroundings. The house is build around a central courtyard over two floors. The ground floor has been converted to two apartments for the guests of Agrifuturismo, on the first floor is the residential apartment.
Of the twelve hectares of land, mainly terraced olive groves and forest, a plan for a future 'park with sculpture', a display of artwork in the middle of nature, " I was thinking about dedicating it to emerging artists ... I was thinking about the future" Federica says.

Images from Marie Claire Maison (Italia)