Friday, 20 March 2009

Merci in Paris- A new Concept Store

{PARIS}:Boulevard Beaumarchais 111, an ex fabric factory is refurbished and turned into a 1500 sq meters concept store that promotes responsible consumerism. This Nineteenth century building is now home of Merci (Thank you), created by Marie-France e Bernard Cohen, founders of childrenswear French brand Bonpoint. Divided on several sections over three floors, some of the merchandise is donated by famous designers, writers and celebrities and it is sold accompanied by a Thank you note to the donors. The shop offers vintage and second-hand clothes, its exclusive own brand 'merci merci' along with cut-price designer wear (Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Smith, Forte Forte) and many more.
The aim of this new concept store is to promote a new way of shopping: minimise waste and donate to charities.
And as the word merci anticipate gratitude, a thank you goes to who has donated, to who will buy, to who has contributed with their experience and time towards the same scope: help others, especially disadvantaged children of Madagascar.

A vintage red Cinquecento carrying a 'MERCI' plate filled with lots of finds is parked outside the shop.

On the second floor the home section, Jasper Morrison per Vitra, Patricia Urquiola per Rosenthal, Paola Navone per Reichenbach are amongst some of the designer furniture brands available.

The library-style book section where a cosy caffetteria is also located. Writers,books critics and celebrities have donated some of their favourite books, which can either be read on the spot or bought for few Euros.

"Merci Annick" - The perfume bar, six fragrances of Annick Goutal are pored into generic bottles.

A vast choice of flowers, including Godefroy De Virieu and Virgile Desurmont creations
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Denise Kiggan said...

Oh what an amazing place! The car outside, the flowers, the cafeteria with all the books! Oh I would love to get there!!!

Anonymous said...

Really a nice place to visit for a next visit to Paris!! I love also the butterflyes you put as a desktop theme!! Nice, fresh and so link to the Spring season!! Good job Mandarine!!
Happy Week end!!!
Walter The Antiques Lovers

Fiona Cartolina said...

Absolutely brilliant.
I am a big fan of Bon Point - first found them about 5 years ago and love their esthetic so it's interesting to see the Cohens evolve into this new concept store.
Thanks so much for this feature.
I am your newest fan ;-)

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corine said...

Fabulous. That cute car was actually the first my mother owned in Paris in the seventies. We never quite loaded it up that way. That store is so appealing. Yum.