Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Monday mood…

{Occasion}: my Monday has been  a turmoil of thoughts and events - to make it even worse  the lack of sleep …  I am hoping to come down a little, surely I will be happy once I found that wedding gift …actually I thought I can make one – if I only get the chance…will update you  in due course….

13ty  17ty  19ty12ty  18ty

Photography: Tim Young


Anonymous said...

Nice pics Mandarine!! Let me say, happy Birthday too!! this is alredy your second year in the world of Blogging!!! Wow time goes so quickly!!! Relax if you can! Ciao W. the Antiques Lovers

Olga said...

Wonderful photos!

Jojou said...


Anonymous said...

Cara Mandarine,

Thanks for stopping by on my birthday, cara. Hope you have recharged batteries. Waiting to see your present a più presto.

Yet another talented photographer/stylist. Thanks for sharing, cara! Bacione, Ingrid

Valeria said...

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