Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ex convent– residence Madonna di Costantinopoli

{Different dimension}: coming to Thursday evening and this week has been particularly tiring and I will be very happy tomorrow when I will leave work behind and make some  time to unwind  and relax, some ‘me’ time ….

One thing, I really wish I can board a plane to  somewhere nice like this ex-convent in the Perugia area – Italy- in Franciscan-style, no frills, ancient rhythms surrounded by nature and plenty of history…


The convent emerges in the territory of the Valnerina., on a hill which overlooks the valley, surrounded by a centuries old park and immersed in the nature of the most uncontaminated area of Umbria.

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Once a convent,  the structure has been a private residence since 1880,  it has  maintained its original fascination and atmosphere, due to the very long and precious restoration to which the current family who owns it has been devoted for three generations.

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Madonna di Costantinopoli


Anonymous said...

I wish i could escape there too!! Have a nice week end, W. the Antiques Lovers

Anonymous said...

Cara Mandarine,

If you do board a plane, do not hesitate to stop by and say "hello" on your way to the convent. Beautiful! I particularly like the antique cotto flooring and the wooden doors. And, and, and.... ! Enjoy your week, cara! Bacione, Ingrid

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful place!

hermès birkin said...

Thanks for presenting all of us wonderful material. Excellent walk-through. .