Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Passionate about photography, PHOGLIE

{Creativity}: It was by chance that I came accross Francesca’s photography and her etsy shop Phoglie last week - but what a great discovery! I am immediately blown away by what I see, a great selection of imagenary that captures the essence of some beautiful places around the world. I love Francesca’s eye for detail, her talent is natural and  her skills  are self-taught. All the  notebooks are completely handmade and handbound by Francesca herself.

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Photography: Me for Mandarine d’Italie


Anonymous said...

It's looks nice, in a world going to run only with computer and internet a notebook help us to keep the connection with the past! Have a nice day! P.s. really nice pics! W. the Antiques lovers

Anonymous said...

Cara Mandarine,

How is your lovely Veneto area? Parents? Relatives? Watching the people suffer under the masses of water... what a catastrophy! Do you have news? Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

MMM said...

questo blog è super delizioso.. passeremo di qui mooolto spesso;)
dai un'occhiata se ti va a