Friday, 7 May 2010

Week-end at the cottage ?

{Mood}: You might have guessed right! My country mood is back again, no fancy stuff just comfy clothing and cosy spaces….That’s all! Escape the hectic city life to recharge those batteries again…nothing will provide me with more inspiration  than those green trees and that earthy smell of fresh soil. Regain the strength, that is suddenly gone lost in the past few says,  being in  touch with nature and inner self feelings, yes that will do me some good…

This is what this couple, Rhea White and Steve Schappacher wanted when five years ago  they bought this cottage in Shelter  Island, to have a space where they could spend their week-ends and break away from city life (New York).  Built in 1904 the cottage was originally built as a fishing house and has  recently undergone a  refurbishment  in order to make it inhabitable .


As a contrast, the choice of black and white interiors creates a romantic and contemporary look.


A  space to share with  family and friends.


Plenty of white and neutral colours help emphasising  natural light.

shelter-island-05shelter-island-08 shelter-island-07

Picture copyright:Laura Moss

Whilst you’ll find me here still dreaming about the week-end at the cottage, I really hope your week-end will be an opportunity to relax and listen to that little voice inside of you, switch off  and enjoy it !  Au revoir my friends !


KATHY* said...


Thanks for the pics ;) ...its like a dream and the fine details are so great ;)) very stylish but cosy too ;)

Have a nice weekend ;)

Kathy from Berlin

Anonymous said...

it will be perfect for a wet week end like this one in Italy Mandarine! even better with the all the Clan that is coming this week! Have a nice week end too!
W. the Antiques lovers

onesilentwinter said...

so dreamy

Geisslein said...

I have fallen in love now....such a beautiful house!
wish you a lovely day today! sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

Anonymous said...


You make me miss my island home in the Swedish archipelago. I also have my cottage moments. Loved to be on the seaside. But You can't have it all. Thanks to beautiful blog posts likt yours here, I can feast... Thanks! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria