Sunday, 16 May 2010

On time, colour and things of life

{Life}: Time has once again gone fast this week, couple of unplanned things, plenty to think about….. and some shopping… before you know it it’s Saturday night actually turning Sunday already as I am typing, I would like to stop time for a little while at least to allow me to enjoy the things of life , like nature , family and to capture  colours  like Polly Eltes does.

Polly Eltes began her working life in front of the camera, modelling for Italian Vogue and for acclaimed photographers including Norman Parkinson and David Bailey. During her catwalk years she took her own camera behind the scenes…. Her pictures have a vivid inner life, capturing the essence of a room and a moment.

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Photography Copyright:


Anna said...

Cara Mandarine
che bei post, country mood = I LOVE IT!!!!...e queste ultime foto sono davvero super...grazie per la dose di ispirazione

Alle tre..da Bertoli

CarlottaD said...

Adoro il british style. Per quanto cerchi di avvicinarmi non ci riesco