Monday, 3 May 2010

By the Prosecco hills – Relais Maso di Villa -

{New}: a double discovery today, Chiara has kindly invited me to view her La Voglia Matta blog and to my surprise  I have just find out that she has returned from a week-end by the Prosecco hills in Italy. Needless to say I instantly felt a bit envious (in a good way) and grateful for her beautiful post about my beloved homeland.

In her post she also feature a stunning looking accommodation that she personally tried and a local restaurant with mouth watering images of the dishes she has enjoyed at Verdegaio  in the Conegliano area. Following the link of  Maso di Villa I could not resist to introduce you to this amazing country relais.

Maso di Villa

A beautiful casa colonica meticulously  refurbished to become a country Relais located by the Treviso countryside, surrounded by hills where the most prestigious wines are produced. A love of fresh flowers and country furnishing sets the scene for a delightful ROMANTIC STYLE.

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The bedrooms

Orange, blue, sage green, yellow, lilac and burgundy  are the colours of the exclusive guest rooms. Previously a hayloft now transformed in six  beautiful  rooms each with their own view. The furniture is of a typical rural taste  chosen to recreate the atmosphere of the country houses around this region.

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The breakfast

A daily ritual, breakfast here at MASO DI VILLA is served with particular attention and an eye for detail. Rigorously homemade cakes and jam or marmalade are handmade using local produced products.. All the cakes are handmade daily.


{ In the summer time breakfast is served in the garden }


The Garden

MASO DI VILLA is immersed in VINEYARDS, fruit and olive trees, and in a lovely, LARGE GARDEN, overlooking the splendid countryside; it is an ideal place to relax, to have a drink, or to enjoy the afternoon sun and enchanting summer evenings, and it is perfect for those who like to combine leisurely local touring with pure relaxation.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautifull discover mandarine!! and not too far from us even!! Amaze by the photos...
W. the Antiques Lovers

Chiara said...

carissima Mandarine,mi ha fatto un immenso piacere ritrovarmi nel tuo post! E' già da un pò che sei tra miei blog preferiti e spero adesso di essere anche io tra i tuoi...Pur amando Trieste mi piace spesso andare in Veneto a ritemprare il corpo e lo spirito...Cortina d'Ampezzo, Venezia e Treviso sono le mie mete preferite...Domani troverai l'ultima parte dedicata a Treviso,ti aspetto e ancora grazie...

CarlottaD said...

Mandarine, sei una trevigiana come me? Felice di conoscerti.
ps:la prima domnenica del mese c'è il mercatino anche a Vittorio Veneto. E' piccino ma è molto carino.
Se ti interessa qualche foto, scriviamoci.
Un abbraccio

KristinM said...

Maso di Villa is one of the most amazing and beautiful places I have ever been. It is truly a place to restore oneself. At the top of Chiara's hill it is possible to forget everything that we struggle with from day to day.

Treviso Hotel said...

The rustic style has a special charm, thanks for the post.

Treviso hotels said...

I don't know what is more beautiful, that interior or those gorgeous natural surroundings.