Friday, 30 April 2010

Welcoming you in ‘Casa Floyd’

{Family}: Soon the Floyd family will leave their home in Colorado to head for their ‘Villa Teresa’ family home in the Veneto region (Italy).  Is that time of the year again, the summer is spent in Italy, the rest of the year in the States. In just a couple of weeks they will wake up looking up to the Grappa mountain.


You will easily find them sitting under the portico in the morning having their morning coffee, talking, a bit of Italian, a bit of dialect and of course English.


Whilst the Colorado home will be surrounded by an unusual peace and quietness, no more children running around, no more Italian meals cooked in the kitchen, no more Boccelli playing …

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the country home in Italy will be filled with lots of cheer and bliss, after all being back to your home town brings you back lots of  memories and just being  able to remember those moments with your family and friends fill your heart with joy…. no doubts, the good food will do the rest!!! 


So in good spirit and company they will bring a bit of sane madness to Via Orfanotrofio, stirring things up a bit….


Building, making and remaking… the garden will probably take a different shape, as well as for the outside portico, as for the interiors?! …hhmmm zio (uncle) will probably get mad at the sight of more junks ( I mean antiques)…


The nice Antique Market’s calendar  that Walter has lined up for them is to say the least a tour de force for  zio’s pocket, who has previously  claimed  to be on the edge of declaring bankruptcy…


Some of the furniture has already been back and forth form this to that side of the Ocean a couple of times already, no probs - and careful if you get invited to visit them, well… they might ask you to take a piece a furniture or a carpet or that little frame she couldn't fit inside the suitcase, over.


I suppose there is nothing you can do -  you cannot resist the temptation of buying some more  antiques, especially if some  carry with them that heritage, that familiar look of those days you have plenty of memories of  - and the more you live and the more you travel the more you feel you belong to your land, your people and traditions.


Well, here a quick look at the Colorado home for you, as for the Italy’s one,  you will have to bare with me to join the family over in Italy, bless!


Photography: W.Marin


AnnaVallance said...

That sounds positively grand! Spending the summer in Italy - what fun. I have to wait until September for our trip to Italy - so many things to plan.

Anonymous said...

Your descriptions it's so right Mandarine!!!! and so Funny!! "Tira basso e tira alto!!" even if now they are not there i'm sure Teresa is already planning some changement down at Villa Teresa!! And i can confirm that you can use as a transporter with carpet if you are going to see them!!! Can't wait to see them back there! just 14 days now to go!! You made my day starting with smiles this morning even if working!!
Have a nice week end Mandarine!
W. the Antiques Lovers
p.s. i think those forniture will travell again sometimens next year Adri is going to move on the 2011 they just get confirmations of it!

sinnlighet said...

Beautiful, sensual & poetic, I love your blog!

Thank you for nice comment on my blog!

Agneta, the swedish one ;)

Anonymous said...


Enchanting. Thanks for opening the doors to the Colorado home. Lokking forward to the Villa Teresa tour. Enjoy primo maggio, cara! Ingrid from a sunny Umbria

Anna said...

Darling Mandarine,

I missed your posts, but now I am back and I did so enjoy the reading!!!
Brava, e' cosi bello leggere delle Ville del Veneto che mi viene voglia di organizzare la mie vacanze proprio' in quelle zone.
Alle tre da Bertoli blog