Monday, 21 September 2009

week end…

image imageimage

Credits: Ingrid Taro


maria cecilia said...

Hello, I´ve been looking at these pictures for a while, then went doing something else, then back to them again, then something else, then back again and I really don´t know what to say, seriously!!!!
Hope your week was a good one.
maria cecilia

Sanctuary said...

Just beautiful!

rsa training said...

The chandelier is gorgeous. The entire room looks very pretty.

Global city condo said...

I love the classic look of the interior. It’s very elegant.

Anonymous said...

nice room mandarine!!
Having lot's of fun here in Vegas!! tonigh Lion King Show, then tomorrow we leave for Grand Canyon!!!
Love from Las Vegas\Sin City from all of us!
W. the antiques lovers in Las Vegas