Monday, 24 August 2009

Tables & co.

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{Al fresco}:Shall we? Shall we all sit around this nice table and have some lovely antipasti with prosecco and freshly cut fruits? Don’t ask me why I am still in the mood for great gathering around big tables adorned  with lots of food….to be shared in good  company…don’t worry you are all invited!!


Stella Pesci said...

Yes, yes! I'm definitely in the mood for this, too! Such a lovely veranda for dining ( and a nice collection of baskets!)

Anonymous said...

Just let me know what time, and i'll be there too!!! I already now the way to reache the place! Shuold we go for a walk on the sentiero fist?? Missing you...
W. the Antique Lovers

Anonymous said...


Oops... volontieri... Come non? Is this where you spend your Italian vacation, you do not have to call me twice. I will never leave! Bacione e buon cena! Ingrid in Umbria

María Cecilia said...

Hello, I´m trying to find your list of "followers" but I don´t see any so far. Don´t you have any?
I would love to be your follower so I can know when you have a new post.
Thank you
María Cecilia