Friday, 21 August 2009

The many faces of Venice

{Moods}: Venice and its different moods.  Venice on its mystical days where the fog rises from the water along the canals,when its mysterious calle are silent; one of my favourite faces of Venice. Malinconica, nostalgic and mysterious; hidden away there in the middle of the lagoon. I miss its vicinity, its signs of past  dominance spread around the territory, I miss my land and its people…I am back to busy London and although I like both cities for different reasons, the more I live the more I feel closer to Venice and its many faces…..

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Quentin Bacon Photography copyright

I would like to thank you all for following my blog in the past few weeks and for leaving your comments,which I treasured and appreciated throughout the weeks. While in Italy I have dedicated less time to this blog although I was trying as much as possible to reply to all your comments it may have not been always the case, but I am still grateful to you all – Thank you my friends!


Anonymous said...


Goodness! This black and white photo is just right. This is Venice. Venice in February. Love it! Thanks for reminding me! Buon week-end e bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

Anonymous said...

We already miss you Mandarine down here!! Meeting the boys tonigh for a pizza in the meanwhile the lady's of '47 are going for the party up to goodness! thinking of you tomorrow at Capuccino meeting at Azzurra! Happy Week end to you from all of us! W. the Antique Lovers
p.s. in your next visit we will in Venice together!


Ah, Venice. One of my favorite places in the world. These photos are just stunning! Have a great weekend!

María Cecilia said...

Hi, I´m again having a look at your older posts and I´m really impressed... everything is so beautiful and you have the eye to catch beauty around.
Thanks for your sharings,
María Cecilia, from Chile

iva yaneva said...

I believe if magic exists somewhere it should be Venice.. It is such a unique, beautiful and mysterious place.. just magical! I love the photos, absolutely fabulous!