Saturday, 11 July 2009

Rundown on the latest…

So my friend is back from her holiday in Liguria, her homeland. Thursday afternoon went by with some good storytelling, lots of espresso and some rosemary focaccia. From the bag lots of goods were taken out, some local cheese, more focaccia, limoncello and some Pesto alla Genovese… so delightful that I thought perhaps I can give it a go in the week and try to make my own! I’ve looked for some help on Sweet Paul's blog. This is his recipe , with a slight variation to the traditional recipe, a chunky pesto.

Chunky pesto
Makes about 1 cup

2 1/2 cups fresh basil
1/4 pine nuts, toasted
1 clove garlic
1/4 cup freshly grated parmesan
1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
coarse salt and freshly ground pepper

Place basil, pine nuts and garlic on cutting board.
Use a mezzaluna or a large knife, finely chop the ingredients.
Place in a bowl, add parmesan and oil.
Mix to combine.
Season with salt and pepper.
Cover with plastic wrap.
Can be refrigerated up to 2 days.


Then it was Friday, and the postman rang the bell for a delivery… some of my latest idea, my own card design for StraneSarte (…will show you on Monday).

imageThen anything but the computer, was getting my attention and so I went out, in desperate need of inspiration…image Instead I came back with a pair of shoes…..!imagePhotos by Ellen Silverman


AnnaVallance said...

These things happen - a person cannot live without shoes.
I love pesto and usually make it with pecans. Is there anything better then pesto?

jen laceda said...

Pesto is my favourite! I know this may not be "traditional", but I love to roast my pine nuts first before smashing it all up. I also mix Parmigiano with another hard Italian cheese - sometimes Grana Padano, sometimes Pecorino Romano for extra salty...hehehe.
And oh, nothing wrong with coming back with a pair of shoes!