Thursday, 9 July 2009


{Attempts}:I have set myself with a rather busy schedule today, well, that is because in the past few days I have not finished off what I was supposed to…plus on top of that I have come up with some other plans and ideas…. Above all this, my friend is coming back from her holiday in Liguria, sigh, Cinque Terre and she is expecting me at her house some time soon in the afternoon…well, what do you think, my plans might have to hold on for today… there is some serious catch up ahead of me…that is with reading your blogs as well, I have stopped by (briefly)some this morning and I have seen some lovely stuff out there!!

I have to leave you now, but I will be back later in the evening/night with some more from the Cinque Terre …!


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Photos from La Mala’ website.

LA MALA', an antique Ligurian house converted into elegant and comfortable rooms de charme with breathtaking views. Hanging halfway between the sea and the sky, a stone's throw from the village square, with it's natural stone terrace.
via San Giovanni Battista 29
Vernazza, Italy


Anonymous said...

What a lovel place, Cinque Terre are one of the next place there i would love to see in Italy... after Tuscany, maybe next Year!
Ciao Ciao. W. the antique lovers

Stella Pesci said...

Thank you for the mini vacation, visually speaking...just what I'm needing today! beautiful...I want to be there!

Elisa Day said...

I came home from Cinque Terre a few weeks ago.I just loved it

Clarity said...

Lemon tree against a blue sky and ocean - I drift.

What a beautiful place, how am I supposed to plan a holiday now?

cinque terre said...

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Caterina! Oh my goodness, thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous place! It's just the kind of place I like to stay in Italy. I'm bookmarking it now for future reference. :) Thanks again!

jen laceda said...

Next time I'm in Cinque Terre, this is going to be a stop!

shilvia said...

breathtaking indeed!!!!