Saturday, 2 May 2009

My Deepest 'Thank you' to my friends


Imagine...You close your eyes,

now you're seeing nothing...

plain black right?

Close your eyes,

and i hope you'll realize,

that behind that black curtain...

I'm there smiling for you...

Geovanni Leaño


onesilentwinter said...

you are inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for using my very own lines ^_^ ahehe... I wonder where'd you find it? ^_^

well anyway, I first said it orally in front of my classmates when we are having our last retreat as classmates in highschool.

upon reading the lines, i could still imagine how much tears was shed on that single moment ^_^

thank you!
Geovanni Leaño (Philippines)

Anonymous said...

you could drop me an email if you want to keep in touch ^_^

Anonymous said...