Monday, 4 May 2009

Buongiorno! Awakenings

{Mornings}: For someone like me that is not a morning person, waking up is a rather traumatic normally takes me few hours into the morning before I become fully functional! I always envied those people that wake up early feeling active and energetic ...I don't!! Instead I feel quite moody and slow... but wouldn't be nice to find a table set up for breakfast like this?!!

Stylist: Photography: Marie-Pierre Morel

Dolce Dormire... Sweet Sleeping - Today here in the UK is Bank Holiday and I have an early morning. In few hours time I have to wake up and catch a train that will take me outside London to visit a friend of mine... so should I say Good Morning to you all - or rather Good Night since I am going to sleep now ... it's 01:47 am and way too early to go to sleep!


josephine said...

i guess i'm a morning person, because sometimes just the thought of digging into a bowl of special-k cereal is enough to get me out of bed. love these photos! what an ideal way to start the day :)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning to you Mandarine!!
I would love to wake up and find a table dressed up! it happend only when i'm in holiday in Brighton!!
Have a nice day and Week!
W. the Antiques Lovers

cartolina said...

Love those linens - fantastic - especially the table cloth!

corine said...

I am slow and grumpy in the morning, but settings like those would make me jump right to my feet too. I think.

Anonymous said...