Friday, 29 May 2009

Feeling lacy .. (Part three - INTERIORS)

{Last but not least}: So today marks the end of my feeling ...rather lacy week... I hope you've enjoyed! It was just a fun way to feature some great talents out there. Sometimes even the simplest things used on an unusual design or form can really give life to some amazing objects. It's definitively the case of Madame Sera and her Rude Lampshades. Madame Sera could never find beautiful enough lampshades for the interiors she was designing, so one summer she decided to make her own. The lampshades looked like Victorian corsets and were fashioned out of the finest of lingerie laces and rare and exquisite antique chandelier drops.

Madame Sera has designed the most stunning homes around the world, whilst bringing out two collections a year of her extra- ordinary lampshades. Her wonderful, feminine, raw sexual instinct plays a huge role in her design process. Her intensely sensual and elegant interiors are for those who embrace life on all aspects to do with the romantic.

Images from Sera of


Gaia said...

ciao Mandarina,

si bello aver anche amiche italiane con le quali parlare un po' in italiano. vivi a Londra? che bello! (sospirone!!!) spero di leggerti presto...Buon weekend!

onesilentwinter said...

these are gorgeous! number eight me swooning!