Thursday, 9 April 2009

The White Company

{Timeless and impeccably stylish white}: Yesterday's post was about a basic, versatile and essential garment in my wardrobe: white shirt.
White made me think about the wonderful world of The White Company, everything, from their clothing line to their home collection has a timeless feel, style and elegance. I love the comfort of their clothing line, something to wear at the week-end or when relaxing at home. The Home Collection has an extensive range of bed linens, home accessories and kitchen textiles, all rigorously white.

Images from The White Company website.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Mandarine! and Good hair cut!! I like white too, will show you soon a littel creation on white Schabby chic!
Ciao ciao W. the Antiques Lovers

Freshly Found said...

Just when I have been thinking I need to get more colour in my life - I am reminded about how good things look without too much of it!!!