Monday, 28 February 2011

Outside the Castle – details along the Borgo Strassoldo

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The Castle of Strassoldo di Sopra, like the nearby and contemporary Castle di Sotto, is placed in the center of a delightful medieval hamlet, immersed in the peace of a large secular park washed by crystal clear spring-water streams and rivers.

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The two castles are among the few that are still inhabited by the same family that built them more than a thousand years ago, that of the counts of Strassoldo and are so-called ‘water castles’ of the green Friulan flatland spring-water area.

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The castle still preserves ancient furniture and ancestor portraits and one breathes the atmosphere of a place where history has never been interrupted.

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Photography: Me for Mandarine d’Italie from the last edition of “IN AUTUMN: FRUITS, WATER AND CASTLES 2010.


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