Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The love for the detail –Villa Valdirose -

{Magical}: there is so much character at Valdirose, a magical place where  owner Irene and Paolo make sure their guest have the best experience ever. Set just on the outskirt of Florence, Valdirose offers warm hospitable and charming rooms, this is how they define the nature of their business, well to say that this is a B&B would be to say the least a little bit understated.


Photography Copyright: Lelia Scarfiotti


Anonymous said...

So charming... dreaming of an holiday! W. the antiques lovers

AisforRandom said...

this is site is beautiful! I found just browsing around, but I'm glad I did.

Lloyd said...

Wow! those are beautiful art pieces.
Very artistic.

Thanks for the share.

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hermes birkin said...

This is so cool. I am such a huge fan of their work.