Wednesday, 15 December 2010

DIY … gift wrapping

{Original}: I say : ‘Don’t be scared to use your creativity and more importantly reuse, look through your drawers in order to reinvent and personalise your gift-wrapping - DO-IT-YOURSELF - . Recycle materials such as newspaper pages, piece of ribbons, buttons and old trimmings……anything will do, you will be surprised by what can be achieved….


1.For the down to earth: reuse old packages and bags – decorate with raffia and pencils                                         

 2.For the sophisticated one: use fabric with golden sprayed leafs


1.For readers: use recycled newspaper –decorate with hand drawn ribbon                         

 2.For globe-trotters: use old maps - highlight some place of interest for a personalised touch


1.For the vintage passionate: why not using some vintage or recycled tins to place your gifts ?             

  2.For the easy going: Simple white paper with hand printed personalised message


For the craft lover: decorate a plain bag with yarn and buttons              

 styling Mara Bottini – photography: di Alessandro Mussolini


For the romantic : glue old boxes with vintage book pages and paper dollies Jeanne d’Arc Leaving


onesilentwinter said...

i love these- i tam in love wi th buttons might be giving it a try!

Anonymous said...

So inspiring and lovely idea Mandarine, typical of you!! Great Great ideas!! W. the Antiques Lovers

Charissa said...

FUN. I love the bright pinks and blues on the maps. These are all great, though!

Ylenia said...

lovely and inspiring ideas, thanks for sharing!!!


Laura said...

OMg this seems very very nice,,and very creative!Ima do one of these...

classic casual home said...

Great ideas....and remanent wallpaper can be pretty too.
Mary Ann

Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie said...

Love the vintage books!

Olga said...

Beautiful ideas! Merry Christmas and many thanks for being here with your wonderful photos!

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