Friday, 8 October 2010

Sotto il portico

{Seasonal}: Italy has been blessed with some very warm weather on these early autumn days. The rain has fallen hardly overnight on a couple of occasions ,altough the clouds have cleared  by the morning. Some days are brighter than others and  from under the portico it’s easy to spot the mountain, either partially veiled on clouds or bright and green – imponent - almost so close that you  feeel you can touch it. 

mandarine 761

Each day unfold differently at the foot of Monte Grappa….

mandarine 758

I can see  my grandparents’ farmhouse from under the portico

mandarine 751

and lots of olive trees, testimonial of the time that goes by … I can still remember thinking that they were so tiny when my dad first planted them ..

mandarine 750mandarine 745

the colours and the produce of the season are on showcase!

mandarine 765

Flowers on rotation, seasonal and colourful as ever!

mandarine 743mandarine 767

And so as the days goes by I am looking forward to see the view from under the portico again, because in recent times  I have been deprieved from it. Today I can see the view from  my bedroom  which is facing South, towards Venice side,  as I am finally able to raise myself from bed on the way to  fully recover from a surgery that I had to undergo in the week.

mandarine 752

Surely the enviroment is helping a lot, I am fine here, fresh air, good food and company, shame I have to miss Venice tomorrow as scheduled there would have been the Mercatino dei Miracoli to visit under the special guidance of local artists Daniela and  Alfredo, but don’t you worry my friend, Walter will go and he will  document on my behalf.

So stay tuned - pictures will follow soon!

P.S. To all my  friends out there  - apologies for my lack of contact, I will be back to read you very soon!


Anonymous said...

We can go back in Venice when you want before you fly back to UK, i forgot to tell you! for the Moment Keep Calm and Carry on Mandarine!! W. the Antiques lovers

nina said...

Feel better soon!
The blog is as inspirational as ever.

maría cecilia said...

Hope you are feeling well and completely recovered from the surgery. This is a so beautiful place to be at peace and healing fast... living surrounded by mountains is such a pleasure, as I do here in the Los Andes.
Hugs and take care,
maria cecilia