Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Amongst Churches, capitei and some weird combinations …still in Italy (PART THREE)

{On a mission}: Casual walks around the area leads to some history lessons, here last Sunday on a sunny day this is what I’ve spotted.

Villa Perusini and Saint Francis’ Oratory (18th century) :The three storey Villa was originally sorrounded by gardens,pools and fountains, but its splendor decayed in time. Napoleone Bonaparte lived here in 1801.

mandarine 593mandarine 616

Saint Francis’ Oratory was built before 1752 as part of the Villa. It was possible to reach it from the higher storeys of the villa by means of a sheltered passage-way. The oratory has an octagonal plan and two little towers at the two sides of the front.

Its original structure was the work of a Venetian architect called Giorgio Massari.

  mandarine 601mandarine 600mandarine 606 mandarine 607mandarine 609 mandarine 626

The Temple, Antonio Canova’s gift to the people of his homeland, Possagno, stands gloriously on the  top of the hill. Its white marble creates quite a contrast with the green background of  the sorrounding mountains.

mandarine 629mandarine 630

A capiteo [in Venetian dialect ] also (tabernacle or votive niche) is a votive  religious (Christian) architecture, who comes from a popular cult passed over the centuries. Normally, a capitello  is built as an ex voto for a narrow escape, as a famine or a plague, but also as an aggregation of the Christian community, at which it can unite in prayer (especially for the recitation of the rosary).

mandarine 631mandarine 632

The artist’s house… it is easy to see why an artist would want to be eccentric, in a region sorrounded by religious images and artefact, why not add a personal touch if art pieces  like these are not hard to find … 

 mandarine 584mandarine 559mandarine 571mandarine 560mandarine 573mandarine 572

Photography: Me for Mandarine d’Italie


Anonymous said...

Really a nice walks among the treasure of our area Mandarine, but still not fancy about "musagne" in the artist house! Hi hi... W. the Antiques lovers

onesilentwinter said...

oh how i would love to visit!!

Minie said...

Je viens chez toi pour rêver de l'Italie et je ne suis jamais déçue. Merci pour tes photos. Bises de France

Efisia said...

L'italia e bellisima grazie per le belle foto